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YoHoHo.io is an unblocked multiplayer game with 3-D designs and thinks back of a customary privateer game. First enter a username, at that point continue to play and lose yourself in that world. A player is permitted to choose their character simply like their username, yet the downside is that players are just permitted to choose 1 character first and foremost. In any case, as time goes and the player gains more focuses, more character alternatives will profit themselves. The fundamental screen of the game comprises of green grass and some palm trees just as rocks. These items won't limit your developments, however will give great spread when being assaulted by different players. The essential goal of the game is to pick up as much gold as possible and furthermore to kill your adversaries. When you kill your rivals, they will get gold for you to accumulate. The more you murder and eat, the greater your character becomes. The greatest in the square dominates the match so begin eating!

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